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Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity

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Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity

A SmartStateTM Center of Economic Excellence

From turning on our lights to charging mobile devices to air conditioning to large-scale manufacturing – everyone relies on reliable and affordable electricity. The rapid development of populous nations has resulted in a dramatic increase in the demand for energy resources and spurred the growth of a global energy economy.

smartstate logosmartstate logoThe College of Engineering and Computing at University of South Carolina has formed the SmartState Center for Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity (SAGE). This center is developing a broad, cutting edge research portfolio focusing on novel technologies to enhance the environmental performance of electricity production, by providing sustainable solutions to the industrial based research problems in a fast pace with the development of high-throughput experimentation for nanomaterials discovery and optimization.

As stationary sources constituting the majority of electricity generation, part of the research in the center focuses on developing novel nanomaterials for mitigating the pollutant emissions, catalysts for syngas production, and coal slagging gasification reactors by combining our national leading capacities, including multi-purpose high-throughput screening, advanced spectroscopic techniques, and patented nanomaterial synthesis methodology. Additional research efforts at SAGE are on the development of combustion technologies, i.e., oxy-combustion, while trying to understand the combustion chemistry as well as the pollutant formation at a more fundamental level.

Aside from the research aimed at coal powered stationary sources, electricity generation from alternative feedstock (AFs) (CO2, hydrogen, biofuels, etc.) gains more interests, and our approaches to the AFs ranged from fuel production like CO2 hydrogenation and biodiesel production to emission control, such as mitigation of NOx emissions from biodiesel engine.

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